Tales of Weird NJ: Bovine, Bigfoot & Frogs

Paul Giamatti and friends discuss weird New Jersey stories and give some props to Ong’s Hat.
Recorded live from the (possibly haunted) Marines’ Memorial Theatre in San Francisco at @SFSketchfest 2024 with special guest, comedian, writer, and host of the Beautiful/Anonymous podcast (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast…, Chris Gethard. Chris heard about a lot of brushes with the paranormal during his time at Weird NJ, and he relays one of the spookiest stories imaginable about a band of silent, menacing cows leading the way to a flannel-clad BigFoot lying supine on a mattress. Was there LSD involved? And what’s more terrifying, encounters with man, or the supernatural? You decide Chinwaggers! Paul Giamatti is an award-winning actor and producer. Stephen Asma is a professor and author specializing in the philosophy of science, religion, and art. Chris Gethard is a comedian, author, actor and host of the Beautiful/Anonymous podcast which was recently adapted into a 4-part series streaming on Topic. He also wrote the book “Weird New York” and hosts the podcast New Jersey is the World, a celebration of his home state. If you want to see Chris live, check out his tour dates on https://chrisgeth.com/. ???????????? ========= Bonus Chin-Word: ONG’S HAT =========