Ghost Towns in NJ That Deserve a Day Trip

Ghost towns in NJ are a reminder of the state’s rich history and offer a glimpse into the past.

County and Current Town: Burlington County, Pemberton Township ARTICLE LINK: Speaking of ghost stories… Ong’s Hat is one of New Jersey’s most notorious locations. It’s the basis of a popular early “secret history” Internet conspiracy theory. Weird NJ promotes the theory it is a gateway to another dimension. Still others believe Ong’s Hat is a popular haunting ground of the Jersey Devil. The legend of the Jersey Devil shouldn’t scare you from visiting this fascinating ghost town in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. The Ong family moved to Burlington County in the late 1600s. They found the area conducive for farming and harvesting cedars, and a town sprung up around them. The town remained in relative anonymity until a series of deaths and murders brought with them public intrigue — and future Pine Barrens legends. The town was deserted by the 1920s, but some remnants of the former hamlet remain. Visit Ong’s Hat, and decide what is fact and fiction for yourself.

Creepaway Camp 2023 – Day 6: Jacob’s Revenge & The Forest of Three

A coming-of-age take on legend tripping at Ong’s Hat and some other mystery stories for your enjoyment.


Jacob’s Revenge

Written and narrated by Owen McCuen

The Forest of Three


Written by: Cdaley and Narrated by: JV Hampton-VanSant

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Sound Design by Pacific Obadiah

Title music by Alex Aldea

The Incunabula Papers | Decoder Ring

Ong’s Hat, or The Incunabula Papers, is a conspiracy theory that arose on the early internet. Combining cutting-edge science, mysticism, and obvious hokum, it intrigued thousands of people who tried to find out what it all meant. Today we uncover the secrets of Ong’s Hat, the man behind it, and the new art form it inadvertently birthed.

The mystery of Ong’s Hat and what it revealed!

In this video, we explore the fascinating story of the Ong’s Hat deception and what it can teach us about the intersection of AI and urban myths. From its origins as a mysterious online forum to its enduring legacy as a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked technological progress, the Ong’s Hat story is a gripping and thought-provoking case study in the power of storytelling and the perils of misinformation.