#LiveCONARTE | 15/19: ONG´S HAT | XXXVI Encuentro Metropolitano de Danza Contemporánea

Translation: “Dir. Estrella Fematt⁠
Ong’s Hat, New Jersey 1930. We were the scene of great economic activity, we had the focus of many but the contact of few. What was your concern? We translate by object, shape, gravity, noise and reality. To you hustler, who through consciousness could shape the universe itself, cause chaos and, consequently, have a portal to the strangest. You are left with only the bricks of the structures that once stood there, an old shed and an incompetent curiosity.”⁠

Ong’s Hat: Is Princeton Opposed to Satire?

On May 31, 2021, Princeton’s elite educational institution, through their journal, TORTOISE: A JOURNAL OF WRITING PEDAGOGY, published an excerpt of a paper by one of their freshman students, Jayaditya Deep. The article is titled, The Fiction of Ong’s Hat: Too Good to be False.

In this paper, Jayaditya Deep, who likes to be called Jojo,” levels criticism regarding two pieces of satire, one written by me about 30 years age and another written by me about 20 years ago. Both articles are in out-of-print publications. “Jojo” uses archive.org links as his reference in this piece. The criticism never once mentions that the articles are satire and treats them as if they are not. These articles are not murky as to their intention as humor, but satire, clearly written and published as such.

Additionally, it looks like our little friend “Jojo” has taken to marking up the Wikipedia pages for Ong’s Hat to share his humorless view of the universe. I’m quite aware that he is obviously a person on some kind of quixotic crusade and desperate for attention, so this will be the last I mention it unless they decide to become stalkerish, as these crusaders sometimes do. Oh, and I did him a favor and made a correction to his “additions” since he erroneously listed the publication of The Incunabula Papers as 1898. 😀

Article on Academia.Edu

PDF of Article