This is the digital historical archive for the website, incunabula.org. It is maintained by Joseph Matheny. Archives of the many iterations of this website may be found as far back as 2000 at  Archive.org and previous to 2000 as far back as 1996 under the old imedea.com site.

Various independent archives have been built over the years but my favorite was always Deoxy’s Incunabula Research Center, which is now archived over at Re:Oxy.

This archive is dedicated to the memory of my dearly departed friends: The members of The Formless Ocean Group (*) – Nina GraboiElizabeth GipsPaddy LongBetsy Herbert, and Robert Anton Wilson

Also to my “non-fog” departed friends: Mickey HollenbergDaveDW CooperDr. Hyatt (Alan) and humdog.

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