The insurrection of which you are the hero

We will see later how this central idea of ​​radical mutual aid is embodied. In the meantime, what form does Hypergaming actually take? The alchemist responds by recalling that it comes from the world of ARG (Alternate reality game) augmented reality games. An ARG is an interactive online narrative that leverages the real world as a platform and uses transmedia storytelling to deliver a story that can be changed by players’ ideas or actions. Basically, it is the meeting between a life-size treasure hunt in the form of a treasure hunt, involving the interactive unfolding of a story, the use of new technologies and a community. Considered the father of modern ARGs, the “Incunaba papers” refer to a set of documents which circulated between four researchers from the 1980s via the first computer networks. The center of their research would have been located in a ghost town in New Jersey, Ong’s Hat. “Like the Incunaba papers, summarizes the Alchemist, the founding text of the Hypergame, presented by many as the introduction to the Great Game to Come [ 4 ]
[4] Grand Jeu A Coming: This collection brought together for the first…

theorized more than half a century ago by situs, was first published on the Internet in the form of a participatory collection.

We see that Hypergaming, more of a transmedia concept than an online platform, even encrypted, born from the libertarian counterculture and developed in particular by the theorist Mckenzie Wark, remains a very mysterious object. And, as if to add more, the alchemist recognizes “that there are as many definitions of Hypergaming as there are hyperplayers. Some even maintain that it does not exist, which adds to its legend.” Here we are!

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