EP. 64 | Accidental Tourists: Interdimensional Travellers

Sometimes the fabric of our world thins out, and people slip through – either from another dimension or into one. So some people think, while others claim it happened to them. Come along on a trip through different times and places, visiting 12th century England, 19th century Germany, Spain, Japan, Mormon mythology and, of course, the United States, including Ong’s Hat, New Jersey – site of the very first internet conspiracy theory.

SECTIONS 01:42 – It’s Not Easy Being Green – The Green Children of Woolpit 05:57 – There is No Map, and a Compass Wouldn’t Help at All – Jophar Vorin from Laxaria 09:33 – The Man from Taured & John Zegrus from Negus-Habessian 16:16 – I Wanna be Your Boyfriend – Breaking up is hard to do for Lerina Garcia Gordo 20:43 – Baby, You Can Drive My Car – The “Gadianton” Canyon Incident 25:23 – Pedro Oliva Ramirez tries to get to Alcalá de Guadaír 27:01 – Carol Chase McElheney visits a Bedford Falls version of Riverside 31:03 – “James Richards” mixes Everyday Chemistry 32:13 You Can Leave Your Hat On – Joseph Matheny, Ong’s Hat and Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) 43:51 – Travelling in other dimensions