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Mad Tower Radio #8: Pentagon UFOs, Origins of the Rake, & Ong’s Hat, NJ


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We cover the new insight on UFO’s given out to the public recently, learn about a popular creepy pasta beast and discover a sweet little spot nestled in southern New Jersey’



Information Golem: New Mini-Series from TOOWi Arts about Joseph Matheny and Origins of the Ong’s Hat ARG

The Origin Story of Joseph Matheny and the Ong’s Hat ARG

Information Golem: New Mini-Series from TOOWi Arts
I sat down with Jerry Gaura of TOOWi Arts to discuss the origins of me as an artist and the Ong’s Hat ARG. We logged countless hours which Jerry patiently trimmed down into a 2 episode series with a bonus episode that is exclusive to his Patreon and readers of this mail list. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed talking about things past with Jerry.

Information Golem -Chapter One

INFO An artist struggles to manage the chaos unleashed by the world’s first ARG “Ong’s Hat.” Chapter One – “Born To Be Weird” Books, punk, drugs, HAM radio, and “The family weirdos” inspire Joseph on his way to the mystical encounter that inspired Ong’s Hat. *Listen loudly or with headphones* #1970s, #1980s, #ghoststory, #hamradio, #josephmatheny, #ongshat, #psychedelics, #punkrock, #truestories

Information Golem – Chapter Two

INFO Chapter Two – “My Name is Emory” Joseph Matheny gets plugged into California’s countercultural elite and enlists the help of some greats. Steeped in tech, drugs, and San Fran’s rave scene, the project takes off with the 90’s internet boom. True weirdness unfolds when a person claiming to be a character Joseph invented for the Ong’s Hat game appears. *Listen loudly or with headphones* Visit toowiarts.com or pateron.com/toowiarts for more info #josephmatheny, #mysteries, #ongshat, #robertantonwilson, #true, #truemystery

Information Golem – Bonus Scene


“Super Odds” – Joseph Matheny reflects on “LSD-Day,” a 1993 Bicycle Day celebration where his path crossed with comic book legend Grant Morrison. *Listen loudly or with headphones* More info @ patreon.com/toowiarts or toowiarts.com #bicycleday, #coincidence, #grantmorrison, #josephmatheny, #magick, #supergods, #truemystery

Incydent w Ong’s Hat

W latach 1980., w opuszczonym od lat 1930. miasteczku Ong’s Hat w USA, przeprowadzono pewien eksperyment całkowicie finansowany przez prywatny budżet. Czego dotyczył? Kto go sponsorował? Jaki miał cel? I dlaczego zainteresowało się eksperymentem wojsko? Czym było tajemnicze “Jajo”? Kto dzisiaj korzysta ze skradzionej w brutalny sposób wiedzy?

Death of a Moor

Dr. Jabir has recently written a eulogy titled, “Death of a Moor” and published it on his Quantum Tantra site.

Peter Lamborn Wilson (1945-2022)

Peter Lamborn Wilson is dead.

Peter Lamborn Wilson was a prolific, controversial writer and researcher into the lives and beliefs of mavericks, misfits, hobos, punks and heretics. He is best-known for his coinage of the term Temporary Autonomous Zone or TAZ which can be applied to any spontaneous association of free people from Burning Man to improv dancing, especially those gatherings which maximize what Wilson liked to call “ontological anarchy”.

As an Ontological Anarchist, Peter necessarily acquired an unusual resume’. Educated at Columbia, Wilson left New York in 1968 for a spiritual “Journey to the East” across the Islamic world from Morocco to Katmandu, seeking wisdom and teachers in tea houses, palaces and opium dens and settling finally in Tehran, where his presence coincided with Empress Farah Pahlavi’s desire to spread Iranian culture into the West. At the Iranian Academy of Philosophy, Wilson was put in charge of English publication where he was able to translate the works of famous Islamic philosophers and poets, for instance (my favorite) The Drunken Universe: An Anthology of Persian Sufi Poetry with Nasrollah Pourjavady.

Wilson’s academic tenure in Tehran was cut short in 1979 by the Iranian Revolution in which the Shah and his wife were replaced by the Ayatollah Khomeini (a minor poet himself in the tradition of Khayyam and Hafiz).

Back in New York, Wilson aligned himself with various fringe organizations among which was the Moorish Orthodox Church of America which Wikipedia describes as “a syncretic, non-exclusive, and religious anarchist movement originally founded in New York City in 1965 and part of the burgeoning psychedelic church movement of the mid to late 1960’s in the United States.” MOCA traces its lineage back to a black Chicago religious leader from the 1920’s, Noble Drew Ali, whom the Black Muslims also claim as their founder. More detailed information concerning this “religious anarchist movement” can be found on the web at the Moorish Orthodox Information Kiosk or in Wilson’s own Sacred Drift: Essays on the Margins of Islam published by City Lights in San Francisco.

Wilson obituaries have appeared in such wide-ranging venues as The Global Ganja Report and the New York Times (!) so I will not repeat here what others have written but instead publish a brief account of how this ontological anarchist affected my own life.

In the early 80’s computers were just beginning to enter our lives. Instead the photocopier gave rise to a web-like phenomenon called “zines”, short for “magazines” in which anyone with a few dollars for stamps and access to a Xerox machine could become their own publisher. The quality of zines ranged from semi-professional to unreadable but what they all had in common was quirky originality and instant access to off-beat topics. I cannot locate in my records the zine in which I first encountered the writings of Peter Lamborn Wilson but it might have been Popular Reality which one archivist described as “distinguishing itself as an open forum for the most unpopular of opinions.”

Connecting via one of the zines of that era Peter and I began a letter exchange concerning the Moorish Orthodox Church and he invited me to come visit him in New York should opportunity arise. So in the spring of 1986 on some errand involving physics and publishing I met the man himself in his third floor apartment on West 107th St just a few blocks from the Nicholas Roerich Museum.

Wilson lived in a rat’s warren of books, papers and unusual objects from his Islamic travels, the centerpiece of which was an old mechanical Remington typewriter on which he composed his voluminous works, He seemed to have a dislike for computers and never quite moved into the digital age. Over a few tokes of crumbly hashish he regaled me with tales from his travels and invited me to become a member of the Moorish Church. It is customary to take an Islamic name and I knew nothing of that faith. Wilson’s own Moorish name was “Hakim Bey” and several of his books, articles and performances appear under that name. “Well, you could do worse, Nick, than “Jabir”, the 9th Century Islamic alchemist.”

So Jabir it was. To which I later added “‘abd al-Khaliq”, designating myself as servant of one of the 99 names of God. A few weeks later I received from Hakim Bey a photocopied diploma certifying my new rank as “Adept of the Seventh Heaven.”



My first substantial adventure with the Moorish Orthodox Chuch was the Antarctic Astral Projection Project. On the night separating August from September 1987, various individuals would attempt by any means at their command to astrally project themselves to a location on the Antarctic continent aptly named “Cape Longing”. We would dutifully record our impressions which would then be collected and published in the zinosphere as part of the Akashic Records, one more fanciful account of the spiritual strivings of the human race. Doctor Jabir decided to go there as Mandrake the Magician and fancied the trip as a conclave of other fictional magician/scientists observing and producing new physical, mental and spiritual phenomena in the exotic low-temperature environment not far from the Earth’s South magnetic pole. As I recall music and dancing girls were involved as well as a spectacular display of the best Southern Lights that my human imagination could produce.



Another Moorish adventure as Doctor Jabir, this time in real space, was the Temporary Autonomous Zone San Francisco performance in 1993 organized and produced by the legendary Joseph Matheny. The site of TAZ SF was Komotion International, an art and performance space in San Francisco’s Mission district. This event featured a dozen or so performers, both male and female, some of whom mingled with the audience. Hakim Bey himself was one of the stars and calmly lectured on some obscure feature of Ontological Anarchy. Most of us were attempting to be as outrageous as possible but Bey trumped us all by affecting an utterly conventional academic normality in an ocean of freaks. Jabir read some of his newest quantum tantric poetry, Robert Anton Wilson shared some of his latest provocative prose. Circus acts and dances followed and there was some sort of bondage scene going on that I had helped to prepare back stage.

MOCA produced at odd intervals the Moorish Science Monitor to which I sometimes contributed. And once I was a guest along with Robert Anton Wilson on the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade, an after midnight series hosted by Hakim Bey on New York’s independent radio station WBAI.

Back in Boulder Creek I often enjoyed co-hosting our long running series of poetry readings with fellow Moor Omar abu Khan (aka Ed Cramer).  But all in all, Doctor Jabir achieved the height of his Moorish identity in the call for Tantric Jihad which he has performed in venues as various as house warmings and Esalen Institute,

My sheik is dead.
Hail and farewell
O noble teacher of the Way
Hakim Bey has crossed the Black Sands.
Jabir ‘abd al-Khaliq declares Tantric Jihad

Scary Clown Attacks While Weee are Searching for a Portal to Another Dimension – WeeeClown Around

Weee are on a road trip to Ong’s Hat, New Jersey to check out some local legends and mysteries when we are attacked by a Scary Clown. Ong’s Hat is surrounded by multiple legends including one of the oldest legends on the internet. The most intriguing mystery has to do with a mysterious cult, an abandoned town, and a portal to another dimension. Weee are searching for this portal to another dimension when we encounter a creepy clown in the woods. We have to traverse swamp land to get away from this scary clown. Will we also find ourselves lost in this inter-dimensional portal?

This channel and all of its videos are not “directed to children” within the meaning of Title 16 C.F.R. § 312.2 and are not intended for children under 13 years of age. (WeeeClown Around) and its owner(s), agents, representatives, and employees (hereinafter, “CHANNEL”) do not collect any information from children under 13 years of age and expressly deny permission to any third party seeking to collect information from children under 13 years of age on behalf of CHANNEL. Further, CHANNEL denies any and all liability or responsibility for the practices and policies of YouTube and its agents and subsidiaries, or any other affiliated third party, regarding data collection.

Some content on this CHANNEL may be dramatized for entertainment purposes. Viewer discretion is advised.

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know: The Strange Story of Ong’s Hat

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know
The legend sounds like something out of The Twilight Zone. A group of renegade Ivy League scientists gather in secret, in a small, abandoned town, to conduct bizarre experiments… and they discover a path to an alternate universe. But where, exactly, did this legend come from? What’s the line between fact and fiction? Tune in to learn more about Ong’s Hat. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information. Link to page: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/182-stuff-they-dont-want-you-t-26941221/episode/the-strange-story-of-ongs-hat-96134742/

Ong’s Hat FAQ

I have a review/interview section here, but some people have expressed being overwhelmed with the number of links on that page. Admittedly, it is a lot, and I am overwhelmed at the prospect of organizing and categorizing this batch of links. So, until I get around to doing that unenviable organizational grunt work, I have put together a FAQ.

What is Ong’s Hat?

A collection of text, audio, and video pieces about the Ong’s Hat ARG project

Hopefully, this will serve as a quick, easy-to-digest, and concise resource for people who want to know what the Ong’s Hat ARG was. As you might be able to tell, I am tired of talking about, arguing about, and listening to endless speculation about a project I started over 30 years ago and concluded over 20 years ago. I’m on to new projects, and I will no longer conduct interviews about this subject.

Ong’s Hat: The Beginning

Ong’s Hat : Hospital in the Woods

Ong’s Hat , Hospital in the Woods is a prototype for the Game Design and Development Specialization, capstone project.

It includes a main menu, loading screen and a functional horror FPS demo scene.
Enjoy !

More information
Status In development
Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux
Author Earis-X
Tags 3D, Horror



Route 666: Conspiracy Theory Destinations Across America

Ong’s Hat

Pine Barrens, New Jersey

Ong’s Hat is a tiny ghost town that only ever held a single building called Ong’s Hut. Reportedly, the town was lively in the 1860s, but it plays a role in one of the earliest internet-based conspiracy theories. The conspiracy alleges that Princeton professors supposedly built a secret quantum physics lab in the tiny town, and that they participated in inter-dimensional travel. Bizarre as the theory is, it would explain why the town is deserted today.

LINK: https://blog.cheapism.com/conspiracy-theory-road-trips/#slide=13

What is Ong’s Hat?

A collection of text, audio, and video pieces about the Ong’s Hat ARG project

The First Internet Hoax: Inside a Mind

Why Did This Entire Village of Scientists Disappear One Day?

Joseph Matheny Appears on How Conspiracy Theories Become Violent | Truth Hurts | VICE

Did An Alternate Reality Game Gone Wrong Predict The Rise of QAnon?



The Red Pages Podcast: Episode 154: Chatting with Joseph Matheny


ARG Pioneer Joseph Matheny on the Counterculture’s Hijacking from Corporatization to QAnon


Slate-Decoder Ring: The Incunabula Papers

Gizmodo-Ong’s Hat: The Early Internet Conspiracy Game That Got Too Real

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The Surprising Online Life of Legends – Legend-Tripping Online: Supernatural Folklore and the Search for Ong’s Hat

The Rise Of The ARG: Games™ investigates alternate reality games and what the future has in store for the curious experiment